Parent Have Alzheimer's And An Anger Problem? 5 Ways You Can Help Them

It is common for some people with Alzheimer's to be angry and lash out at people. If you have a parent like this, it can be very hurtful for you, as well as may even be dangerous. Besides using medication to help with this problem, there are other things you can try, five of which are listed below.

Learn Triggers

Your parent likely has triggers that set them off. Watch out for these triggers and write them down. For example, you may say certain words that make them angry. When you write them down put the paper somewhere in the home where everyone can see it so they don't say these words around your parent.

An activity you do may set them off, such as putting on your coat and/or shoes to go outside. This may be because your parent does not like to go outside.

Once you find out what the triggers are, do them in another room. If you have to do them in the same room as your parent, go through them very gently and slowly. Talk with your parent as you are doing the activity to distract them.  

Have a Routine

Try to have the same routine every single day, or at least as close to a routine as you can. Knowing what is going to happen can help your parent feel more at ease. Of course, this will only work if they are still at the point where they can remember the routine.

Do Not Show Fear

Try not to show fear, anxiety, or alarm when your parent is being aggressive, as these things could escalate the situation. If you feel threatened, however, you should call someone for help but still try to stay calm.

Do Not Become Physical

When your parent is being aggressive, do not yell at them or try to initiate any physical contact unless they are in danger, such as something in the room they could knock over and hurt themselves. They could misinterpret this as threatening. When they are being violent, step back and give them space, as well as time to calm down. Never try to restrain them as this will make things much worse.

Turn on the Music

Play a favorite song your parent loves to try to get them to calm down, which is known as music therapy. The song will distract them from their feelings, and they will concentrate on the music. Sing the song and ask them to sing along with you.

If you need help, contact an in home nursing care facility like Sunshine On The Go Nursing, Inc. They can send a nurse to your home to help take care of your parent on a regular basis. This can even allow you to get out of the house so you can have a much needed break.

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