3 Benefits To In-Home Health Care

In-home health care is an increasingly popular option for people who have significant medical needs or simply need help at home as their abilities change. Beyond helping you with daily needs, there are several benefits to investing in in-home health care.

Helping Caregivers

Although many people prefer to have those closest to them help, especially with personal care, it is important to think about your caregivers. Friends and family, especially those who feel obligated to act as caregivers, may find they struggle with depression and feel overwhelmed by their new duties. If you need ongoing help, it is important to give your primary caregivers a break to avoid burnout or feelings of resentment if they must abandon their current lifestyle to assume the caregiver role. Having a professional caregiver come in your home a few times per week may be enough to allow friends and family to continue their usual routine while they help you regularly.

Reducing Hospital Stays

Many people need in-home health care after a major surgery or if they are expected to need help indefinitely, due to a serious medical event or chronic disease. If your care team in the hospital knows you will have professional help once you leave the hospital, this may reduce your hospital stay or prevent your being transferred to another facility, such as a nursing home or rehabilitation center. Generally, even with serious medical conditions, patients feel more comfortable staying in their own home as long as possible. Not only can this reduce the physical recovery time, but it can reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, and hopelessness. Many in-home care agencies have various medical professionals as part of their staff, which means different types of therapy, pain control, and management of chronic disease can be done in the comfort of your home.

Acclimating To Changing Needs

In-home health care is also an ideal way to transition from a hospital or rehabilitation facility back to your own home. If you have medical concerns that have changed your ability to navigate your home or might make you a fall risk, your in-home health care team can give you ideas of devices that can help you and other changes to make to your home. This might include showing you the best ways to maneuver inside the bathroom to take care of personal needs, while maintaining your independence, or strategies for making it up and down the stairs, if that remains a possibility.

In-home heath care has numerous benefits, especially for people who have limitations but may be able to continue to live independently with time and assistance. Having extra help can improve recovery time and make it easier to adapt to any changing needs. For more information, visit a site such ashttp://www.inyourhomecares.com/.

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